Need a profile picture, come here


If you need a profile picture, you are welcome to ask.Just put your character’s details and I will make it.(I would appreciate if the character is INK becauce I never made a LL edit.)
WARNING!!! don’t click below if you don’t like bad art.
You have been warned!

Here are my examples

And by the way if you want a background there, just mention it after the details.


Your work is actually really good @SuperKitten. Can I please request?




I’ll put the details here then…

Skin tone - Caramel
Eyes - Upturned bold (toffee)
Nose - Refined
Eyebrows - Defined natural
Face shape - Oval
Mouth - Classic (cherry red)
Hairstyle - Beach waves (black)

Thank you so much :hibiscus:


I can do that, but do you need a backround?


Hope you like it.

If you want to add something just say it.


That looks really pretty, thanks. It’s fine without the background :slight_smile:


Your art is so good! Can I request? :slight_smile:




Okay my details are

Skin- Tan
Face- soft heart
Eyebrows- thick flat
Eyes- upturned feline (Brown)
Nose- elven
Mouth- Classic any color




I added a background so it would look beter, so now you can choose what would you want to use.


Thank u, that looks really pretty. I especially like the flower in the hair. And I also tagged you in my bio :slight_smile:


Straight and black




Hope you like it.


I love it so much! Thank you!


Your welcome