Need a proof reader? Here's where to find them!

Hi!! If you are looking for a proof reader here is where to find them! If you are a proof reader, let us know. If you need a proof reader look below! I am also trying to become a proof reader, so you can message me too! :heart:


I am a proofreader.

I am a proofreader! PM me! :grin:

Hi I want a proof reader

Hi! If you still need one, feel free to DM me the details on insta @epi_summer :slight_smile:

Should I pm you

Mhm! I will respond when I can

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hey there! I’ve proofread over 50 episode stories so I’m very experienced in this area. I’d love to proofread for you if you’re in search of a proofreader.
I will read through your text and correct any spelling and grammatical errors. I also fix sentence structure when required.
I’m fluent in both American and British English so I can work with anything. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Feel free to contact me (PM) if you want me to proofread your story :revolving_hearts:
I do charge a very minimal fee which can be negotiated too, thank you :relaxed:

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Boost :heart:

Another boost :slight_smile:

Need a proofreader

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Hi there! I’m a proofreader you can contact. I have proofread quite a lot of stories and to ensure you that I know what you are doing, I got an A in my GCSE English as first language exam (Don’t know if that’s persuading). I do charge but it’s NOT real money. Just payments through Episode gems. If you are interested, here’s the link to my proofreading shop where you can view the prices and all.

Can’t wait to work with you!

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