Need a proofreader/beta-reader for my first charpter!

Hey i really need a proofreader/beta-reader to make sure everything i did is already/good for my first chapter. and if your willing to work with me for the rest of the story.
hope everyone is doing alright.

I can help but are you looking for a free or paid pr

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i was hoping for free but i can do paid.

I don’t really have the spare time to proofread the entire story, so I couldn’t stay with you throughout the duration of your story!
However, the title states that you just wanted the first chapter proofreading, if that’s still the case (at present) then I can do that right now, for free!

[spoiler]No payment necessary! I wouldn’t charge anyone for proofreading a single chapter. (As long as the Episode isn’t insanely long! I’ll proofread up to 1K lines for free!)

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I can beta-read it!

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that’s very understanding. and yes just the first chapter, thank you very much. do you have any type of story you wouldn’t proofread? and its around 1300 lines. that’s true if i did have something like that then i would pay if needed since i understand how much time it can take.

thank you, and do you have any type of story you wouldn’t read.

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I’m not a fan of Mafia stories, or fantasy stories (and when I say “fantasy”… I mean fairies and the like, because that’s definitely not my thing! :joy: :rofl:) Vampires, however… I love them! I haven’t found a Vampire story that I like on Episode, yet… but I’d still read a Vampire fantasy story, regardless!

However, if it is a Mafia story… I’d still read it for the sake of helping you out with proofreading! :blush:

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Honestly i understand not being a fan of them since some can be very predictable and very simiral. and yes it is a mafia story, :sweat_smile: i guess for me i just wanted to write one and started it and it got some where so know i am gonna see where it goes for it. and thank you i do appreciate that very much. :blush: :purple_heart:

Nope, I read them all

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okay that’s good to know. i will send you my story though your pm.

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do uh like werewolves?

I can proofread for you, check out the PM I sent you :hugs:

Yes, but not if they’re the only supernatural creature in the story! I only enjoy reading about them if they exist in Vampire stories!

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Okay I just wanted to ask cuz if that’s so may be uh can give my story a try :sweat_smile:

I don’t have the time to read at the moment, as I’m currently working on my five published stories and five-six other stories that haven’t yet been published!

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heyy there!:sparkles: hope you’re doing great!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:
Can I proofread your story? I’ve proofreaded/betareaded 50+ stories!:heart: so do lemme know:)

I’m a paid proofreader❤️


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