Need a proofreader for the grammatical part of my story (Open) (Urgent)

I need a person who can help me with the grammatical errors of the story. The person’s native language should be english.
If anyone can help me then plz contact me on Instagram for more information about my story.
Instagram id @Aish_epiwrites
Story details:
Reads so far: 1000+
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Hollywood
Story name : My Celebrity Crush!


Hey, I can help, my native language is English I was born in america so…

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Thanks can you msg me in insta it would be great

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Hey guys so I am in need of a proof reader for the grammartical part of the story. If u r willing to help me I would very much appreciate it. Plz contact me here or in insta dms.

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hey, i’m an experienced proofreader / beta reader. i’m also fluent in english. i’d be happy to help.

my work:

  • faking it by episode.bela on ig
  • don’t be a stranger by milla_writes
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Thank you so much can plz text me on ig we talk further

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