Need a proofreader! Honest reviews

Hey guys!
I need a proof reader to proof read my story chapters!
However, I’m not looking for commissions one. I want someone who can help me out for free atm. :white_heart:
If you know someone or if you can do it, please dm me on Instagram @vanya.writexx
I want you the lmk about sound and music, grammatical errors and animation mistakes!

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I can help, can’t find you on Instagram though

Umm… that’s impossible tho T_T but nvm. I’ll pm you here in few

Hi, I’m doing:

Hi everyone, I have more free time this month before things pick back up again, lol…so anyway, feel free to list your story below! Or DM… | Instagram

First Impression Review Pic


In case you’re interested. Sorry if it’s not quite what you’re looking for haha

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