Need a Publicist, co-writter, an editor, coding partner, and someone who knows how to do cover art

I’m writing my first ever story on Episode and i want it to be great. i would like for some to kind of proof read the final draft before the 3 episodes are published, make sure things are in check, someone to make cover arts if they can. I’m still new to everything so i don’t fully know all the controls and how to do everything, so I’ll need help with that. An intro would be cool, its not needed at all but if you know how to, teach me your ways. Someone who is good at coding, you don’t need to be a professional, just good at it cause i don’t know how to at all. i just want someone to help me make this story the best it can be. I have a passion for writing so having a great story would make me the happiest. PLEASE HELP


I can do your cover art!

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thats great thank you. how do we contact each other?

I have discord or we can pm through forums

I would love to co-write slash proof-read for you!

Hey i can help with anything!

whats your discord?

thanks sweets, message me

id appreciate any help, message me

My discord Is Mimi

I can help you with it all exept art ad stuff

message me

whats your 4 digit tag?

Hello! I can do art, I can also do moving intro’s, or art for intro’s. Either one! Just PM me.
Here’s my Instagram if needed.
@slt_.episode :heart: