Need a Receptionist Background with Desk

I’m having a hard time finding a receptionist desk background both on the portal and :woman_facepalming:t4: So if anybody knows anybody who has one in their drive, please let me know.

and use this as the desk, you would just need to crop it

Background found on pixabay and desk found on unsplash

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Thanks. I would probably have to find any overlay for a desk.

something like this ? I still need to find a website to make it transparent for you


@amepisode has some great backgrounds and overlays :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing that with me.

Thank you :kissing_heart:

Does anybody have a transparent receptionist desk?

Idk if you still need it, but here!deskfr

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Hi! I’m trying to find just the background, what did you search to find the background?

quote=“Katie36, post:2, topic:224971”]
Background found on pixabay