Need a review in my first story

I write my first story and need a review
Is there anybody to do it for me?
I’d be so happy
Here is the link





Is it published?

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:smiley: why would you publish before reviewing it? :smiley:

I can still fix my errors and I’m curious what readers think about my story

I’ll share the golden rule with you honey.
You can actually let other people read your story even without publishing. Just by sharing the link. This is very important actually because you wanna keep every reader who’s ever going to read your thing. You don’t want them to leave and never come back.
Publishing your story at least 10 chapters long may sound hard but it comes with huge benefits:

  • No need to write following chapters so soon
  • Gaining many reads at once
  • Ganining bigger interest at once
  • Getting the readers who only read when there’s more chapters finished
  • Chanche to get picked by editor
  • Chacnhe to win contest
  • Etc.

And of course it all comes with heavy reviews, proof reads and so on BEFORE publishing. There are many more tips to give but I just wanted to share the most important one.
Keep going!

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It’s already been reviewed but I just want another look from other people

If it’s done then you should just market your story and get reads not any more reviews. Because you can’t keep changing the story and fixing the mistakes. It will mess it up for the current readers.

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How can I get more reads

Via social media. Use Instagram to promote your story. Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Episode forum etc. Enter your story to some contest. Keep your eyes open for gem seraching readers. Have it promoted by other influencers and so on. There are many ways but you also have to understand that there are hundreads of thousands of stories out there that nobody reads cause they are simply not readable or the stories are not reachable. So you really got to step up with the game.

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ok thanks but episode adds a new ticket for read a chapter that you already read

They still don’t want to read it again.

can you check out my story

I guess you could apply for :

but mine is published

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