Need A Semi Realstic Artist For Special Scenes

Hey y’all! So I recently read BroZoned & The Dragon’s Tale! I loved both of these stories and I loved the custom art scenes! I know it’s a lot to ask of someone but I was wondering if anyone is willing to do the same for me? My insta is @epy_sara if you wanted to hear about my ideas in more detail (excuse the lack of activity I literally just made it find an artist). I’d honestly consider paying but I am a student first and saving up for a car so it wouldn’t be much. Thanks for reading y’all and I look forward to hearing your responses.


By custom scenes do you mean the characters?

I know somebody on the forums.

They have cheap prices (for art scenes), and they may be what you are looking for.

I’d love to talk with them! If possible could you send me pictures of their work?

I was originally going to use limelight but then I noticed they have like no medevil clothes out! So proabably my own charecters.