Need a series name


Can anyone think of a series name for my story,
each story will be based off a song


Um it depends on the song and how u lay it out


Well they are multiple songs and each are sad songs @jenna1012


Ok um is it based of ur life if so it could be Songs of my life or something like that


Based on the MC’S life, but there will be different MC’S each time @jenna1012


Oh um The Song of Their Life? Idk I’m really bad at this


That is really good thank you, do you know any good artists for covers


Um I can make a cover but I’m not that good but I know a few others
@/ChayChay I think
@/Circe_dreamteam Idk if she still takes request


Could I see your examples


Um yea if I can find them


I have more but i can’t find them I might have deleted them


Can I request tomorrow


Um yea, but um when would u need them by?


When you are ready, why are you busy


No I just need to know by when cause it might take a few days cause I procrasinate a lot and am forgetful. And also I’m with my dad so I don’t have internet. But if I need it right away I can get it done


No by next week if possible, but if not it is fine


Yea I should be able to get done