Need a short storie partners!

Need some people to help make a short story (you choose your own plot but stick with the genre u choose)

Genres Available:
Message below:
If you have Discord if not can you get it

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what’s discord?

Simply, it’s an app where you can text or call others.
It also uses servers to connect larger groups of people.

Name - Laurelle
Genre - Mystery
Discord - RaveN#5023

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Hey! Still looking for people?

Kisses, Emma

#5338 if Ur still interested

I haven’t really tried horror before, but I’m good with all the other genres. Lynn#6289.

thank you! I will add you in when I got the others


Yes I am

You can do any of of the 4 above

What’s ur discord??

Hey this is the server for The short stories

Is this still avaliable

Yes for Comedy or Adventure not horror if you wanted to do that

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I can do adventure


Yes the link is

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^to the GC

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I am in it thnk you