Need A Size Change For A Background

Hello, can someone help me change the size of this background to put in Episode? This is the closest thing to what i have in mind and i couldn’t find any better. Or if you can make one please let me know. Here it is:

I can

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you cant use it since its full of tags. so its clerly copyrighted


I found it from google pics i don’t really know any websites for this and i asked for help before but no answer.

Can you make one? Because apparently it has tags all over it i didn’t notice :expressionless:
I’d really appreciate it and totally credit you :slight_smile:

well you cant just og on google and find stuff there.

well unleash you put the filter on there only search for copyright free stuff,

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Of course i care about copyrights i didn’t have this issue before i’m not much experienced as this is my first story. I didn’t notice the tags until you said it ty <3

Hey there, you can find something similar or , or ! You don’t need to worry about copyright on images from there :blush:

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Thank you i’ll look from there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: