Need a small and a big cover for my story

Hello guys . I am a new author and soon gonna post my story’s first three chapters “ethched in my heart”. But I need a cover for it so if anyone can provide me with it or suggest me then it would be a pleasure. Thank you​:sparkling_heart::hugs:

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I can help you out xoxo what did you have in mind?

Yay sure…I just need a art… for my cover… There are two characters one guy and one girl… I can show you the pic of char… And tbh I haven’t got a single idea in mind…

Okay, send me the characters and their details like what lips, eyes they have and in what colours (:slight_smile:

But before that can you give a example of your art work?

But the boy will have long bangs… Not this hairstyle… He will get coustomize in mid of episode. So…

I did this recently for an outline contest!

It’s great I have came across three characters and y’all are like super…Awsm… :scream::sparkling_heart:

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Hey I could help as well! I’m free! Here’s one I’ve been working on rn


It’s perfect I am confused… Whom I should work with…:neutral_face::neutral_face::expressionless:… btw it’s pretty good… :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Thank you! So much! I’m Free atm so if you choose me I’ll probs get it today or tomoz :heart::partying_face::partying_face:

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Omg!!! It’s to early thank you sir…! :hugs::hugs::bouquet:

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It’s okay! :joy::joy: Are they in Love

I’m almost finished! I’ve been working on it for hours hehe :laughing:

Just finished both covers (large & small)! I hope you like it because it took me hours!
Small Cover:

Large Cover:

Please give credit at the start of your story :heart:

Hey it’s very sweet I will take your large cover as my small cover is already decided… :hugs::hugs::hugs::sparkling_heart:And yay about credits… I will give you… Love u so much…:sob:

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