Need a small and big cover for story please!

I’m doing a story called the life of millie
I need a big and small cover
I like options btw
It’s about millie living a normal life till her parents got divorced and things changed
Along with complications along the way
It’s not character customization because I’m still learning but I hope u all read it once it comes out ask me anything about it
But I do need covers for it lol
Here’s the main characters

I can try! Just send me the character details, poses & the background

I can here’s some examples. (btw this is @L.I.W.F on the group acc)

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Body unclear

Jays details are
Light skin tone
Thin arch brows
Short cropped hair blond
Light blue classic round eyes
Square jaw face
Button nose
Blush classic lip’s

Millies details are
Light skin tone
Defined natural brows
High Pony tail black hair
Green upturned luxe eyes
Defined hearth face
Aqui line nose
Bubbegun pink blossom lips

background & poses?

Don’t matter to me whatever u think is best

Episode harmony can send the details here

Hi, if you still need one. I can help!

Are your backgrounds in your drive free to use if credit is given? They are really good!

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completely! Thank you for asking!

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I like options so yes please

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I just realized her name is Millie! Just like mine, but mine is spelled like Mili from team omi zoomi :joy:

Ok. It should be done Friday or Saturday


thank u!!!

Do you still need because I would love to do it