Need a Song Suggestion?


Suuuuper bored of my playlist. I don’t mind what genre the song is. Post your favorite - or any - song here :slight_smile:


I have way too many favs so I’ll just give a list of songs I’m addicted to this week:

Get Scared- Sarcasm

Thirty Seconds to Mars - Night of the Hunter

Dead by April - Last Goodbye

Bullet For My Valentine-You Want a Battle?(Here’s a War)

Skillet- Out of Hell

Breaking Benjamin - Had Enough

Linkin Park- Leave Out All The Rest

Thousand Foot Krutch- Shook

Ice Nine kills- The American Nightmare

…I’ll probably add more soon here ^^


Ok so I have quite a lot of good songs but at the moment I am I love with the song
Never ever by The Rubens


I am a proud swiftie so these are all by Taylor swift but I love them all anyway!

  1. Love story
  2. You belong with me
  3. Blank space
  4. Our song
  5. Fearless


I’ve been listening to this on repeat lately:


Anyone need any spicy recommendations? I’ve listened to a lot of new stuff.


Has anyone heard of Honne? I love his songs, especially Me and You, Day One, and a lot more.


I’m a swiftie as well :heart:


My playlist just hit 1000 songs. Oh yea.


Really? Wow. That’s great! I love… I just live Taylor swift.


This song is great.
Then again, so is Ghost as a whole.


I love Bhad Bhabie - Gucci Flip Flops or you can try Demi Lovato - too cool for the summer


In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It’s a tribute to their late drummer.