🍰 Need a specific background! 🍰

Hy there :penguin:

I really need a background with a Gender Reveal party! or similar overlays (like ballons, cakes, etc).
Do you know someone who already made something like that, i will give credit of course!

Thanks for your attention :blob_sun: :cake:

When ever I need a specific background I just make it out of overlys

for example I needed a specific background (an office background)

  1. I got a blank background (uploaded it to the portal)
  2. I got a lot of overlays
  • a blank desk,
  • pen holder with pens
  • a computer with no logo
  • office chairs and wating chairs
  • a couch
  • some paintings
    and uploaded it to episode and created my background on the epsode script

my advice to you is to get a bunch of overlays and if possible make some bannars your self and code it into your scrip how you like it using the & command instead of the @ command so that when the scene starts, your overlays are already on the scene.

If you dont know how to use overlays or need help.

Again, you dont have to do this but it may be your last resort because you are more likly to get overlays than backgrounds for a party

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Thank you so much for your suggestions :blob_hearts:

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DMed you.

I just remembered about @FlowerGriefer 's (hopefully thats the right @,) but her background could possibily work for you

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