Need a story cover asap!

Can anyone make me a story cover plzz! i will give full credit.
If so can u send me some examples of ur work and ill give u the details!


Hi! I can try doing it!
How are you imagining your cover to be? Do you need a small cover or a big one or both? If both, do you want them to be the same or different? And do you want to have some characters from your story on the cover?
I have a thread about cover art and splashes, you can check it out, I also have some examples there!

You can make a request here is you like my work!


I can not do a drawn cover unfortunately, but I can do something similar to what I did in my example!

Story title : Fighting my love for you

A gang related story. They fall in love.
His arms are wrapped around her (holding/cuddling her) and their both holding the same gun.(which is in-front of them pointing upwards)(if u understand)
They both have tears in there eyes and she’s resting her head on his shoulder.
Character details
Skin colour: taupe
brows: seductive arch
hair: straight black
eyes: upturned feline white
face :oval
nose: elven
lips: full round ruby red

Skin colour: taupe
Brows: thin arch
Hair: short cropped hair black
eyes: athletic round blue
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: uneven taupe
i hope you can do it but if not i understand xx
(ask me if u need more details x)
I do already have someone working on this for me but I would like to see ur version as well if possible x

Do you want a drawn cover? I can only make LL covers and not similar to art scenes, sorry!