Need a story cover done and some splashes!


Hey guys I need a story over done for me… So here is the the character and I need her drawn…

so what postion i want her in:
I need her holding a mask and a gun looking towards a third person point of view.

the title of the story is called: Black Bandit
Author: Firely Flores

I need a couple of splashes too if you want to do the splashes please tell me on this thread!

I want it to look like a criminal theme for the story cover… Any questions plz tell me because i wrote this down very quickly and it might be confusing.





I can help


With splashes as long as you don’t want them draw also


I don’t want them drawn


Can I see some examples?




photostudio_1535239259012 v


Hi panda! Writing a story? That’s chill. No I’m not going to help you. Juts going to watch other people help you.


That’s awesome!


Just message me what all you want and I’ll do them


I can make them, I’m pretty good at it!


Can you show me some examples? I am not going to choose between artist but I am just going to choose the best one!






That’s amazing!




I could try making some covers :slight_smile:


Can I see some examples?


Sure things! Also pls make sure to give me a screens hot of the character in the animation you want her

That’s a cover I drew. Wanna see my outlines and artwork? Also I know the hands are a bit messy :joy: I’ll try my best and also if it’s not what ur looking for its fine :slight_smile:


You still need?