Need a story description? I'll help!

If you are stuck with the description for your story, just simple send the plot of your story and I will think of something.

An example of what I can do:

My story is Hidden Luna and is a werewolf story.
Description: Lola has an escape plan to leave her abusive father. However, things change when multiple people enter her life. Werewolves stay in packs, but is it easier to be a lone wolf? CC

My story is called Power Up and it’s about a dimansion were everyone has super powers, but only some special people are sected to be trained more and use their powers for “biger things” the MC is one of this people (of course) together with 5 more teens(+the coach). The MC and one of the teens start falling in love, so it’s a romantic story. But it also has very much action and mystery(bad guy and stuff you know)
It has CC and the choices matter. I know it’s a little messed up, but please help me.

After being grouped together with others with the same abilities as you, you gain the interest of someone. Training day after day with the same people establishes relationships. CC, choices matter.

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Thank you for this thread I really suck at making descriptions lol!! My story is called Flash Forward about a girl from the 80s who is magically transported 30 years in the future.

I wrote this description already but its way over the character limit, you can change it as much as you like:

The year is 1989. Zoe Maxwell is currently being whisked off to a conversion camp where she must fight for her love without losing it all, in what she decides must be the worst decade ever. But after a freak accident, she wakes up in 2019, where she must adjust to a world where she’s exactly the same, but nothing else is. Will she ever come home? And more importantly, does she want to?

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In 1989 Zoe Maxwell is caught in a freak accident after being forced into a conversion camp. When waking up in 2019, Zoe must figure out how to get home. Or is home just a dream?

That’s what I came up with - it’s in the limit but I’m not sure if it’s what you are looking for :grin:

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I love it thx!

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No problem!

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