Need A Story Name (LL)

Arianna and her brother move to a new town to start a new life after losing both their parents at a young age
She attends a new school and meets Lucas the most popular guy in school/also the bad boy of the school

What should i call this story

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Hi im not sure but what about

  • Innocent meets bad
  • New life
  • Primed for sin
  • His Smile - Devil’s smile
  • Rules and Rose
  • An inconvenient attachment
  • A touch of bad
  • Leather dreams
  • In the eyes of the Bad Guy
  • Eye of the tiger
  • Ecstasy of the Heart

Just some ideas
Hope it helps :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

I’ve chosen this one :smiley:

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Some ideas:

  • Heal My Heart
  • What If
  • Break My Heart
  • Beautiful Struggles
  • We Were Strangers
  • Expose My Heart
  • Promise Me
  • You’re My Home
  • New Hopes
  • A Little Bit
  • Wait For Me
  • Let’s Begin
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