Need a Story Title


Hi! I’m making a new story on Episode… this story will not be like anything I have created in the past. My new story is about Substance Abuse and Addiction. Don’t worry, proper warning signs will be placed when needed.

I’m in need of story title suggestions, here is what the story is about:
A romance story about a patient and a therapist. The patient will be male and the
main character throughout the story.

This patient suffers from Substance Abuse and Addiction.

I’m wanting to have a interesting title that no one has thought of before, to give the story more uniqueness. If you have any suggestions at all, please comment below.


A & A

Addiction: Truth and Lies

Addiction: Beware!!!

SA & A

Substance Abuse and Addiction: A journey

A Journey Like No Other


Addiction and Thearpy


There will also be romance in the story


I love your titles!


His Angel Her Savior § my favorite story, which sadly was discontinued§


Therapy romance?


Side effects


Therapy Mine. It kinda sounds like “be mine” at the end, at least to me :woman_shrugging: