Need A story writing partner

I really wanna give coding a try and I have a few bits and pieces of a story I wanna write but I’m not the best at writing or plotting. I’d rly love for a writing and coding partner that can help me. I’m still learning how to code properly so I would really appreciate it if you’re patient since we all have our own lives and I know we’re not always free.

The story’s about a girl who escapes a dark past just to end up back where she started, except it’s different this time. She’s also a werewolf and in a gang of supernaturals determined to take down a very controlling government. It’s kinda complicated and I haven’t really figured out the details yet so I’d love some help

I could help u. PM me.

I’d love to help work with you on the story!

Don’t worry about that last post it wasn’t meant to send and now I can’t delete it!