Need A Story Writing Team *CLOSED*

I have been trying to write an episode story for a few years now, but it never turns out right. I would appreciate if you guys could help me
Name of Story: Kara Rose
Story Line: A girl named Kara Salazar is in the service of the evil king ( his name is Lord Ebenezer) but then gets banished (she doesn’t know why). Kara then starts a rebellion that eventually overthrows the king, then she becomes the new ruler, also she can be a kind ruler or an evil tyrant (your pick)
What I Need:
A coder
Whoever you are that can help me create this story, you all will get credits in the story as well

I can be your illustrator and coder

I can be a Coder and Directer!

I can help with co-writing and artist. :grin:

Your story looks very interesting! I would love to help in any way I can

Yes, I would love for you to be a co-writer.

I would love for you to help me direct and code my story.

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I’d love for you to illustrate and code my story.

If you can be an artist for my story I’d appreciate that.

Great! I can also code. So if you need help with any part then I can help in that area too.

Thank you so much

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Just wondering. Do you have a sorry plot all ready? If not then as a team we can work on that. Also is this Limelight or ink?

Have you ever helped someone create a story?

I do have a plot and it is in Limelight.

The plot is at the top where it says story line.

Yes I have helped a few people actually mainly with codeing and overlays/backgrounds. I have done s few art scenes. But I will practice more.

Okay, how does this work, like what is the process with you helping me?

I can help you in any way. Idc what exactly I do it doesn’t matter to me.

No, I mean for example if you are going to code my story how would you get to my story?

There are a couple things you can do.
1: we can create a joint account both of us for a story. If you wanted to post it on your account then we can copy and paste the story.
2:U can give me your password for your email but I really don’t want to take that information.
3: I can also code it to my account and copy and paste it to your account.
Again I would prefer to do option 1. It’s the easiest and better way to communicate.