Need a stylist for my story in LL And INK! URGENT!

I need a stylist for my story. Like a personal stylist for the characters. So let me know if anyone’s interested.
I have two stories currently working on. One in INK which is already published and One more in LL which is soon to be published. So i could get all help.

I will be needing some example outfits for the characters, (for both LL and INK). Then i will choose if u don’t mind. U can take any character default character for now and dress it up.( male and female). Give me your best. Thank you.

Like for characters?

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Just PM me I have a lot of free time to be your character stylist in both INK and Limelight

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If it’s for like characters & Outfits sure. Feel free to PM me.


Here is my new outfits thread:

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Hey I’m the future I have an outfit shop if you ever need it
My Outfit Shop