Need a suggestion regarding my MC

What do you guys think is better, MC being a single child, or having sibling(s)? And if having sibling(s) then brother/sister, younger/older? Any suggestions??


Hmm…I think it’ll depend on what kind of story you’re writing. Like the genre, storyline…etc. :blush:


That’s true. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Well I’m writing a romance with lot of drama based on a high school girl in her final year.

Depends on the story, I think

If her high school life also contains problems regarding the family, it is definitely good to have like a stuck-up sibling - which could be younger bro/sis or older bro/sis who the MC would be continuously be compared with.

If her high school was dramatic and she really relies on her loving family, a nurturing and caring older sister would be good. Or a younger bro/sis that lights the MC up, brightens her day. Especially when your MC is looking for advice within her family, an elder sister might be a great idea :blush:

I don’t know much abt ur story based on your description but these were a few suggestions…but it’s completely your choice. You can shape the sibling however you want and how much ‘siblings’ play an important role in your story. If you think that most of your stories take place in school and doesn’t display a lot of family, you could always keep it simple and not add siblings.

Hope this helped! :blush:

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Hmm…That was some great advice. Thanks for the suggestion. It helped a lot :smile:

Np:) Always feel free to ask questions!

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Maybe you can make a overprotective older brother and yeah like people said above maybe a caring sister

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I love younger siblings in stories because you can play around with them and really get them involved in the story. Having an annoying younger sister or brother could really relate to the readers. idk :woman_shrugging:t5:

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That sounds nice. Thanks for the suggestion : )

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True😂. Thanks for the suggestion : )

Yeah, I agree with the others. It depends on the genre!

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