Need a Teacher/Advisor?



If you’ve clicked on this, you most likely require the expertise/help of someone. Well, that’s why I’m here! Please bare in mind that I was only assist 3 people at a time (except people who only want to ask a few questions at a time) and I will not always be active. I am often busy with things like school, but I will try my best to use as much time to help you as possible. You can contact me on forums but I do not chat on social media unless it I am constantly working with the person.

But to the point - my name is Andrea and I am a fairly experienced writer. I will say that I have never published a story, but regardless of this, I am still very, very familiar with the Episode coding language. I know everything from the very basics to the advanced. I will assist you in coding with any areas you currently struggle with and I will help develop any characters or ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Need desperate help with ideas and coding!

Hey!! I’m writing my first story and was wondering if you could help me with some advanced coding because I have read so many amazing episode stories with fantastic coding and I aspire to write stories as amazing as those!! If you could help it would help me a lot!!


Hi, If you still want can you help me.


Sure! I might not be able to message you too often as I’m already helping lavende.rstories. If you’d like, you can message me with questions or issues you have about coding.


Hi. I’m writing my first story, and I just have some quick questions:
Would you know how to delete a character in mobile creation?
Is it possible to write a story on mobile creation, then go to the writers portal and publish it, then continue writing on mobile creation?
Is it possible to delete a story that you have not published?
If you can answer my questions, thank you so much! If not, then its fine


Hi there.I am quite familiar with coding language but the only thing that makes me confuse is that one time when I completed writing the code.There was this error saying Writer’s warning: overlay name doesn’t exist when i played my story to check any errors on my phone.I’ve checked the code, the overlays are working perfectly well when I click OK on that warning.I’m just confused if that error is going to appear infront of my readers too when reading my story?I haven’t got any complains regarding it but i just want to know. Hope you can help me with this. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! I usually write stories, and I have loads of ideas, but I find it difficult to turn them into stories on Episode. I can do the basic things, but I need to be able to do more in order to make my stories more interesting. I may need to ask some questions now and then, if that’s ok with you? If it’s ok, thank you! But if it does end up being too much, don’t worry; I understand you’re probably busy and stress isn’t good for you :slight_smile:


Hey there! I know a few of the coding language but I’d like to have some quick tips on good zoom and spot directing! I’m struggling a bit on that.


If you need help putting your ideas on paper, so to speak, i might be able to help


ANSWERS > Atniel
1: I don’t think there’s an option to delete a character within mobile creation.
2: I believe you can, but you can’t edit it on mobile creation once you’ve edited the story on the writer’s portal.
3: You can’t delete stories, published or not.


Click the arrow for tips!


I just suggest previewing your story and deciding where your characters are or the position of your zooms there. I do this since I’m not too good at coordinates and it makes the process less tedious. You can easily copy and paste the line of code provided below the preview.

When spot directing, I find that people are unmotivated and lazy and then don’t bother to use a specific position. Don’t make that mistake. If you are using a background with a certain position where your character should be, put them there. Don’t use a kitchen with a sink at the very back if your character is just going to face back and look like they’re baking on an invisible counter. What I’m elaborating too much on is, just use as much spot direction as possible when it’s appropriate, because the overall quality of your story will drastically improve.

Zooming is great for conversations. If a character is speaking, zoom onto them. You can use zooms for panning. Rather than just using @pan to zone x, you may have multiple characters in one zone but you’d like to pan to the different characters. You may have a selection of food overlays that you want to present. Panning is my favourite use for zooming.


I don’t have many tips other than that, but I suggest watching tutorials on youtube on this area of coding. I recommend Joseph Evans. He provides professional yet easy to understand tutorials.


I’m not quite sure about that. I think that may just be a bug from the overlay. If it works for you, then no one else should have issues with it. If you could send me your story title and episode username, I’ll be happy to tell you if there’s any issues with the overlay.


I can help you. You can contact me here on the forums, if you’d like. If you could specify what you want to make your stories more interesting, such as the direction or the writing, that would be great!


Thanks. That’s what I thought but I was hoping I was wrong


I’m seeing that error in the first episode of my story LURKING IN THE SHADOWS.My username is Mystery Maker there as well.Thank you for helping. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! :smile: I’ll take your tips into consideration! :blush:


I don’t see any errors, so you should be good to go!


Cool! Your words surely relieved my tension.Thanks a lot @Andreaxo


That fine, What is your insta.


I’m good (I think) at the writing side, it’s the coding that I struggle to make interesting