Need a title for my new story that i came up with in a thread i made even though it was offtopic

This is the description -

Tyler is a millionare. Except for the fact that the money is stolen. How can he slip by without the epipolice on his trail?

“How to be a millionaire” maybe? Lol

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Oooh. I like that. Since it’s a comedy story. And I can make jokes about donald trump.

True lol I thought of the title would fit a comedy story and I guess it’ll fit with yours lol

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How about these?

  • The Millionaire’s Guide
  • Millionaire’s Rule Book
  • Millionaire Thriving
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Maybe “Millionaire by Midnight” or “10 Steps to be a Millionaire”

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Why does he steal the money?

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I just thought of an idea…

Running with Millions

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I really want to know what it is and I feel like you’re not going to tell me.

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Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. :joy:

When Tyler was a child, his family struggled with money. And when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, they had no finances to get her treatment. And he noticed that all of his friends had money in the bank. And strangers on the street would notice their ridged clothes. They would stop, stare, and whisper. Of course he had noticed. He would get bullied and teased. One day he decided no more, and went to get money. Everybody rejected him. He had finally realized how cruel the world can be. So he wanted to take from people, so they would understand what it’s like to not have money.

Breaking Bad

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No but seriously, how does he steal the money?

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He usually breaks into their cars turns on the alarm, sneaks into the house.

I still haven’t figured it out yet.

If we’re talking millions the grift has to be bigger than that, or maybe it starts small time shit and he works his way up to one big heist? Either way while it’s still in development I think it needs something interesting but general enough to give you wiggle room incase things don’t shake out like you planned:

Nickels and Dimes (would be perfect for a story about a drug dealer trying to come up from slinging small time shit on a corner but I think it works for anything)
The Hu$tle (would be fun to play with the font on the cover)
Dirty Money
Rich Blood
The Last Job
The Tyler (whatever his last name is) Affair (if it’s being told from the point of view of the people who are trying to catch him)
Case # (some number that could tie into your story or be random) (this would also be good for a story told from the perspective of a detective)

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Ooh. I LIke The Hustle.

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