Need a Title for my story

I came up with a story idea where a set of twins would be separated at birth and given up to a family but then decided it would be 2 sets of twins then decided on Quads but the four are separated at birth and given to good homes they find each other unknowingly that they’re siblings and are forced to work together to find out what happened to their parents,

I’ve been struggling with finding a good title, I originally came up with Twin Strangers when I first came up with this idea. I have thought maybe Quad Strangers which doesn’t sound right, or maybe Stranger Quads, which I’m unsure about.

Title ideas I’ve thought of:

  • Twin Strangers doesn’t exactly work with Quads

  • Quad Strangers doesn’t exactly sound right

  • Stranger Quads Sounds better but unsure of it

  • 4 but still alone a friends suggestion

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Some ideas I could think of on the spot:

And Then There Were Four

Quad Squad

Born in Doubles

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I just came up with this:




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Do the siblings have the same gender?

  • Four sisters / Four brothers
  • Forced apart
  • Four me’s
  • Secret sisters / Secret brothers / Secret siblings
  • Identical strangers
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Four-ced away

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No there’s 2 males and 2 females

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Idk why but I think SEPERATED/or SWITCHED AT BIRTH would go with this because I have a Description:


SEPERATED at birth, both male twins and female twins find they’re way to all connect together and try to discover what happened to their long loss parents.

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And if you ever need a cover, I’m pretty good with hair, and stuff like poses or anything.

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Thank you everyone,

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