Need a top view and matching blanket for this background!



Hello episodians! :woman_technologist:

I hope somebody can help me…
After a long search for the perfect bedroom background, I found this one in day and night. For this background, I need a top view of the bed for the day and night and a matching blanket.
Would someone have the desire and time to help me with this?

Of course I’ll credit you in my story when I use your work! :wink:

Here’s my background!

Ohhh I would like to add something…

Would it be possible to change the view out the window (DAY)?
My character doesn’t live in the city and it would be nice if maybe some trees could obscure the houses in the background.

I thank you in advance!! :grin:


Do you make backgrounds


Hey! :blush:

No I’ve found this one on the internet…


Got em


Or like this




OH WOW Thank you very much!! :open_mouth:

I really gonna use this for my story! Thank you!


No problemo :grin:


Do you want me to change the view outside too?


Do you think I could maybe use that background for my story, too? It’s awesome!


I changed the view outside it’s more foresty and rural now :smile:


Oh yeah that’s better! Thank you and of course you can use it too! :grin:



Could you credit me as meadowh on the forums? :two_hearts::two_hearts:


you can also credit @smilla.episode as this background belongs to her (she’s not on IG anymore)


Oh thank you! Of course I credit her! :smiley:


Of course! Thank you again! :blush:


No problem! :blush: