Need a trust-worthy co-writer

Hi guys I would love a co-writer


I know y’all be seeing me On threads and making topics asking for one but when you message them they either don’t reply or text you once and never reply back or they barely even text you about the script taking it seriously

I would really love a scripter for my story But if you wanna help me with the coding too that’s fine! i’m not really Good at it anyways
Things i would absolutely love for my story
*detailed descriptions
*relatable characters
*dark humor
*realistic dialogue

I haven’t really thought of an idea yet but i know it’s gonna be an highschool story

I don’t have access to my IG right now so you can message me on here if you’re interested. :hugs:


r u willing to pay? :confused:

Uhm… no? but i’ll surely give credits

then uhmm… maybe @Kylie_episodee can help :thinking:

Hey! Thanks for the tag @Tesbie28
Sorry but I’m a bit busy at the moment

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It’s alright

@Angel_wings21 Hi, I’m looking for a partner, but I’d like to stay digital, no meetings or anything, I’m anonymous. :sweat_smile: that’s it. Oh, also I don’t want payment. Credit would be nice though. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course Ofcourse :blush: you can message me

Hello! I would love to help you. (for free of course). Im a very good coder but i can do the rest aswell. Highschool themes are a specialty from me. I would love to hear more from you, so let me know if your interested in my offer

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I’d love to help if you still need it!

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Hey I want want I coding partner would you help me

I’m interested in your offer

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Hey if you are planning to write your own story, can we do a collab? I’m bad at writing scripts but I can code and make illustrations. DM me if you are interested. :heart:

hey if you’re still looking for help DM me

Sorry I dont know how to code lol