Need a warning/sound/to be continued background plzzzz 640x1300


Could I have a warning/sound/to be continued background plzzz?

I will give credit (I promise).

keyword: creepyish

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Hey I would love to make one for you !

Which characters do you want on it ?? What background and what color should the writing be in

You can use these if you want

Creepy Shiz

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Could you? I don’t want any characters on it, nor do I want any like sparkles or like glitter. I don’t want it to be too creepy either. I want it to be kind of somber (if you know what I mean).

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Neutral ?

Thank you so much but I couldn’t really read the words on the backgrounds!

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Like a chill kind of creepy. Or even something darkish.

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Yeah okay like not blood everywhere

Maybe a little…

But not too much.

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Okay ! I’ll see what I can do !

Great thanks!!

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Haha no pb

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Hey ! I finished ! Hope you like them :sweat_smile:

I love it!!

I tried it out, though and it didn’t fit the screen. The background was too small. Could you make it so that it fits the screen (600x1300)? Basically the parameters of a screenshot.

They really are good. Is there a way to remove the skeleton head in the to be continued one? The reason I say this is because the story has nothing to do with skeletons. I still like the tree background minus the skeleton and really want to give you credit for your hard work :slight_smile:

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Yeah sure !

Here ! I hope they work now !

Thanks, but the to be continued one is still not tall enough.

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Argh I’ll try again !

I hope it works now :cold_sweat: