Need A Warning Splash And Other Art Stuff

So Episode has this warning splash:

However I’ve used this too, too, too, too many times. I would like to request for a “Warning, Please be advised this story contains mature themes and strong language” splash :hibiscus:

I will give credit and I’ll mention more details later if needed but I’m mostly looking for surprise splash :wink:

And another thing! On this thread, I will be requesting for stuff <3


I could make it for you.

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Sure! :revolving_hearts:

Could you give me more details about it?

I mainly want it to be a surprise :sweat_smile:

But if I had to pick, probably something along the lines of this = red and black colored theme with gothic font :heart:


You could credit me by @epi_weird on instagram.

Let me know if you want something changed.

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Thank u, it is amazing :heart_eyes:

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Your welcome!

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I’d like to also request for a profile pic for IG :smile:

Edit: Nevermind, leave it, I’ll request later for one :wink:

Ok, closing. if i need something I will PM the super talented FlowerGriefer :sunglasses: :revolving_hearts:

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@Sydney_H may you close this thread, please and thank you? :heart:

Also thank you so much to Ray_Edwin for the amaze splashes (more than 1), i loved them soooo much :heart_eyes:

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No thank you :heart:

P.S this is not the thread to advertise.

So many people have accounts that they want to promote, people want chances to shine, but you need to do it in a respectful manner and abide by the rules. This isn’t the thread.

I’m a writer myself so I understand what it’s like to not have many people check out your content but i write for fun and you should use social media for fun. Don’t resort to this level of advertising and craziness, it’s horrible and it just makes u not look good. Right now, I have a very bad impression of you and honestly, it makes me not want to check out your content. You can make your own thread with your own rules. Check out the Forums tutorial. Please have respect, i’m sure you wouldn’t like it if ppl spammed your posts and all of ur edits with “check out my account”. You’d be upset so think about other people as well, not only yourself and your follower number. Good day.

I’m going to have to ask you kindly to remove your comment off my thread.

Closed by OP request. :smiley: