Need a witty, original Mystery/Romance to read? Try Gifted Minds (Limelight)!

Hello, Episode!

"Gifted Minds" is back in limelight!

I wrote this story in Ink around 3 years ago but unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to finish it. Instead, I have decided to pour my heart and soul into re-writing it in Limelight and I’ve gotta say, this version is even BETTER than the original!

Features include:
:white_check_mark: 3 published chapters with more on the way!
:white_check_mark: ~15 min long episodes
:white_check_mark: A male AND female love interest
:white_check_mark: A points system
:white_check_mark: Dynamic directing and custom overlays
:white_check_mark: Fun, witty and engaging dialogue free from spelling/grammatical errors
:white_check_mark: An original, suspenseful and compelling plot that will keep you coming back for more!

Here is a brief summary:

“After a mysterious test brings six nerdy high school seniors together, they must work to uncover a secret so big, its worth killing for. Can they discover the truth before it’s too late?”

If this sounds like something you would be interested in reading, here is the link:
search “Gifted Minds” (By Justine.Writes) in the app.

I’ve turned on fanmail so leave me a message if you like it! Hearing from you all brightens up my day. :blush:

Also, if you catch anything that needs to be fixed, DM me here or on instagram @justine.writes.epi

Happy reading,


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Hey! This story sounds amazing! Would you be up to do R4R with me? @Justine22 I’d be happy to work with you!

Hey, sure thing! PM me your story details.

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Hello, love! Just here to tell you that I read your story, or rather the first two episodes (as I am in the middle of the third as I write this), and I am IN LOVE. Everything felt so seamless and well-informed. I love how the characters gain various points, and seeing how my choices affect the story line. The dialogue is emotive and, to put it simply, brilliant. Your characters have so much depth. I love Ava’s relationship with her mother. Honestly just wishing I was as smart as Ava… IMAGINE. And gee… you must be smart. All the content… seems like someone knows their science haha! Oh, and I giggled so hard during the date propositioning with Brandon. I love that you are going to explore Ava discovering her bisexuality, too. On a more serious note, I love how real this story is. We are in an economically driven society. You showcased that very cleverly. Honestly, I could go on for days… Gifted Minds is funny, fresh and an overall well-balanced mystery that anyone can enjoy.
Also, we stan Max.
I wish I could say more here without spoiling for potential readers, but I’ll save them so they can enjoy it for themselves.

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I’m so happy that you love it!!! :two_hearts: Thanks for making my day.
I studied Molecular Biology in university before I changed my major which is why I have a lot of science related knowledge haha.
Also YES, Max is my favourite character in the story (but shh, don’t tell Ava lol).

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Really?! Hahaha I dropped out of biology in high school for health and human development… :sob::joy:
I wonder, have you studied anything to do with social studies, etc? Your critique of gendering colours was as if it was straight out of one of my social work textbooks!

I switched my major to Anthropology! So I am currently in the faculty of Social Sciences so I’ve read my fair share of scathing critiques of social norms lol.