Need a writer! For free obv 😅

I’ve been on episode since forever but i can’t write story…i like to code but writing a story and dialogues it drains my energy sooo anyone is interested in doing the script writing job while i do the coding???
I’ve many prompts in my mind but writing it would be your task if u agree :blush:


Hi! Could I pm you about this on instagram? :slight_smile:

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Okay my @rosie_._writes

Hi i am interested, if you are still opened!

@Rosie_epi I’m interested. I have story ideas, but struggle in coding.

If anyone has any story ideas but struggles coding. I could code it for you if you would like. If you’re interested please either message me on here or add my new instagram @lilywrites.ep :slight_smile:

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hey I’m interested.I’m really good at coding.

Hey wondering if you were interested in helping me code my story?