Need a Writing Advisor/Coding Partner

I’m looking for someone to help me shape a narrative outline, to check my ideas, and eventually to help code. You don’t need to be a code pro, just butter than me (which isn’t a high bar to be honest). My general outline is

Ava is a two bit con woman with a side of psychic power, she’s self serving, self reliant, and self centered. The only thing she’s ever used her powers for was making money, until she met Kate. Kate was murdered, although she doesn’t know when, where, or by whom, which is a problem she wants Ava to solve. The story takes you through Ava’s life as the child of an alcoholic parent growing up in a place where vulnerability is punished and you have to be smart to survive, her resulting disillusionment with people, her unresolved issues with her family (her older sister Olivia) and eventually their resolution through helping Kate and becoming a less guarded and more considerate person.

I have tons of ideas but I’d like help developing the concept into a full fledged story and I’m not married to too Manu ideas right now so I’m pretty open to suggestions.

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Hi! what would your story be about?

I’ve actually been tinkering around and would love to belp you out.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: