Need A Writing Buddy (Co-Writer)

Hi. I don’t know exactly how to start off this topic but if you’ve read by the title this is something I’ve been thinking about doing over a months but I was resisting by not writing this and now I’ve finally come to the point that I need help and I’m having a “writer block”. Well not necessarily a writer block if it means by not knowing how to write your story-line or how to start off. I already got some ideas of how I want my story to start from the beginning, middle and to the end and I’m not very good with the code. That one thing is a struggle for me but by the help of Dara Amarie (@dara.amarie.ep) templates and guides and other help by Episode Assemble (@episodeassemble) and few people on here as well it helps me with few things I was stuck with such as the customization, choices, overlays, etc yet I’m just 70-80 percent stuck.

But if you have some really good idea’s, advance with coding, passion about writing and whatnot, I’m really looking forward to hear from you. Plus I don’t really want this to only be about being my writing buddy (co-writer) which of course I will credit you for the help you did but I also want us to get to know each other better so we both could have a better understanding with each other and trust one another while helping with the story as well.

If You Are Interesting:

  • The story is Mystery and Drama but a bit of Romance adding into it. But it mainly focusing on Mystery and Drama (I’m sure you get the point)

  • I will sent a copy of my story line to you with the title on it (either by Instagram, via email, private message on here or whatever to contact you) Please don’t post your email on here only for safety reason but you can message me privately on here to sent your email to me.

  • I will explain what the story is about, also the characters, who related to, the plot and twist on what I’m looking forward to happen in the story

  • If you have a few ideas to add on to it, I look forward to hear it and we can discuss about it.

  • I’m looking for age 18+ and up only because this story deals with mature themes, strong language and relevant social topics such as anxiety, self-harm, depression, child abuse, etc but this story have strong meaning of improvement, strength, self-love and woman of power.

  • If anything that is missing from my ends, I will let you know.

And also if you know how to sent a script to another person… Meaning, you know when you writing your own script on Episode with your own account. How can you share that with another person you want to co-write with. If that makes sense. If you know how to do that, let me know as well so I can share my script with you and we both do it together.

I know this is a lot of explaining but I just want you to have a better understanding of what I’m talking about.

Thank you and hope one of you get to be my first Writing Buddy (Co-Writer) on my first new upcoming story.

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I don’t know but could I help? Or have you found a Co-Writer?

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A extra help would be great. I will email you all the details and information tomorrow.

Okay thank you. :wink:

Hi. Can you please close this topic and thanks! @Sydney_H

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Closed by OP request. :wink: