Need a writing buddy for first story!

Hi I’m Reanne! I’m 18 and I’m currently making my first episode story! I’m struggling with the script at the moment since the coding is major confusing to me but I’ve managed the first scene-ish. Im looking for someone to get in calls with me and like help me develop a story :slight_smile: you will get credits in the story and I’ll add you into the story!

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That sounds interesting. What’s your story about?

I’ve only kinda done the first scene at the moment and the first scene basically involves the characters dad breaking up with her mum, and that her life is basically going to be turned around by this and she turns to smoking and stuff and becomes more rebellious and outrageous. But then meets a guy that changes her ways

Ok do you have an idea of how the next two chapters will be like or should we work on that first.

Not yet, I’m kinda just working on the first chapter at the moment to grip people

Ok send me what you have so at and I’ll look it over.

Yeah I’ll do it when I’ve done the full chapter, would you be able to chat on anything? Like voice so I can get help if I need

Sure that’s fine 2146465081

What’s this code for haha

Sorry I wasn’t paying attention and sent the wrong message. But yea it’s fine.

Do you know how to code kissing and stuff? And laying down

Yea I can

So which actions do you need beside kissing and laying down?

Hi, I can help you! Message me :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat, I really need someone who can help me with directing or overlay coding. Is there someone I can talk to?

I have messaged you :slight_smile: