Need a writing buddy/friend (Co-writer)

Hello! I’m kind of new to writing. I love to write but I never know what to make my stories about. I’ve been thinking for 1 year of what to write my story about. I started on it but haven’t finish. And now I’m stuck. It would be amazing if someone who I can trust and have experience in writing can help me and be my Co-writer. :smile:


I can help…

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I would like to help

Hiya! If you are in need of clothes for your story, check this out!

If you still need clothes, you can check out my character designs shop! I can make them in bulk, and in a short amount of time! Link is down below. :point_down:

Hi code my ch 7 pm me for deets


im game if you need help!! Us writers need to help each other. LOL!

hey I also need some help! i had to make a new account because I couldn’t remember my old password! but, as a new account I cant make my own topic… so if youre interested in being in a writing group message me!