Need a writing buddy :/

So, I’ve been having a crap-ton of writers block & I was thinking that maybe I could pair up with somebody who is willing to suggest me some good ideas to reference in my story. You DO NOT have to know how to code, spot direct, etc. I’ll require is that you have some decent experience in writing.

If you are interested, you have two options:

  1. drop your instagram & we can discuss there.

  2. We can simply just discuss here.

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I dmed you!


k great

I dmed you also!


Same, it happens sometimes. Like for me, just waiting for my backgrounds/overlay/new cover to be approved is enough to discourage me.

I would love to talk, and maybe you can give me some thoughts on my story too, who knows :blush:

Ig: episode.blindstarlight

Ahh, finally someone who can relate to my struggles. :sweat_smile:
I’ll go ahead & DM you now, I’m actually quite excited to discuss this since I really could use the help.
Btw; my instagram is ep.__darling, just so you won’t think I’m some random person lol.


I need a writer buddy

@shona_episode is my Instagram id . You can message me… I can help you with… writing partner… I need too…

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The thing is am not on instagram, aren’t you on Snapchat or don’t you have an iCloud

i do have snapchat but i dont use it. and icloud i dont have it… do you have discord? or… we can talk via email and docs. PM me your email id
We can talk via email

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