Need a writing friend (Co-writer) (Coder)

Hi my names Maya and I’m new to episode and I have a good story I want to write but would like a co writer for ideas and coding. i could write it myself but it wouldn’t be as exciting to write it myself. so anyone interested??


Hey, I’m an artist and a decent coder.
I also have a few ideas lately and i think i can help you out.
feel free to contact me on here or insta @kr_brissa1x

Hey! I think I can help you out too!!!
Dm me on my IG @epi_val2209 If you’re still interested! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey girl, I would love to help you. I also do edits and would be happy to create art for your story as well.

do you have a instagram?

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Yes, its @jade.edits949

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Of course I will help u writing ur story

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Hi are you still interested


do you have a instagram?

Yes my Instagram is angele soulard

are there any underscores?

What do u mean

i typed in your name and nothing popped up.

I will add u just give ur instagram id

ok mines is mayaa._.episode

I think I add u

Hi i needed a coder

Can someone please help me out cowriter-coder?