OK, so I need 1 or two more members, an artist and a coder maybe. I already have a team so pm me if you want to be added. I need someone who is very active on Instagram or forums. and easily gets along with new people.

Current teammates

@veganwater - Plot developer

@Penny2 - plot developer

@riley_rowen - character designer and outfit designer

@ba_nana.writes - coder

Positions Available:



Character designer

Outfit Designer

If you do want to join my team please list the following information below

Name (or what I can address you be):

Position Wanted

Time Zone

How Often are you on Forums?

Are you in other groups?

Do you go to school or have a job

Are you ok with colarbarating

Can you take constructive criticism

DO you Have instagram

Age or grade


I think I’m okay at storylines and character and outfit design. I can do simple splashes too. PM me if you want to speak further!

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I could probs help

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What can you help with?

Plot developer/Helper

Plot developer maybe

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i can help

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What role?

I’m good with plots and making characters and outfits

ok great, i will message you again when more people reply back or sooner so we can talk as a team and establish roles

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I am good with plot and characters if you need extra help.

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hey my name is mikaela i would like to be the outfit designer im in the eastern time zone i have school but im on break, and i am in a group.

I’m doing art, and I’m good at coding

I can do anything

I’m good at designing characters along with their outfits