Need A Writing Paretner for my very First story!


I need a writing partner for advanced Directing. ^ of my chapters along with the cover is ready, but I don’t know if they can be considered as appropriate to publish, I want to know if there are any errors and if there are, what are they & how to fix them?

For this, I need a co-partner whom I can trust blindly, who’ll not steal the ideas or the scripts or anything from my story. (No offense, but it happens)
So, is there anyone to lending his/her helping hand and bind/bond with my very first story from start till the end?


Ani Ray


I can look over your scripts if you’d like. I’m experienced in advanced coding. PM me if you want me to look over and correct some scripts!


Closing this as you have another request for a writing partner here. Please do not create identical posts as this is considered spam. Thanks! :slight_smile: