Need a Writing Partner ASAP For contemporary adult romance fiction


Hi guys! I’m Ann here. I am born and brought up in Qatar but from India. I’m working on my first novel, which is a New-Adult romance. I’m searching for writing partner/ co-author within the range range of early 20s as I’m 18 years old. So I would love to work with those closer to my age. I want more because its my first time writing and I need various range of opinions, view points and suggestions. Well I have few concerns, first: My word count doesn’t seem to reach 3k and When I started writing I wrote in the past tense but as I proceeded with my writing it turned out be in present tense. And as you know, I’m from India I’m writing a western based novel which is set in Washington DC state. So I’m not at all familiar with the places, landscape, culture and people etc. Now if you ask me, why did I choose to write based here its because I have only read self published Indie romance novels since I was 14 and few of my fav authors are Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen, Colleen Hoover, Saffron Kent etc. So if I write a novel, I only know to write based in UK/US/CA, but my english isn’t that profound as these established writers. I hope to find some writing partners/ co-author who are interested, we can bounce of ideas and suggestions. I have issues in deciding whether or when should I write about a past scene, its like all my ideas are mixed though I have broken down my chapters.

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Is it for money

No… Do you mean that your offering services with payment? sorry, just want to make it clear

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I can help!


Hey Ellie!! I hope you will be with me as a writing partner, because my cousin has decided to co-author with me :heart: So… Co-authoring isn’t available. Now I have edited the post to only needing writing partners. Do you have any other social medias like instagram, FB, twitter? because I find it more convenient, which ever works for you.

Hey, I’m twenty-three with some literary experience. I’d like to help

Ok great!! Thank you so much. So where do you want to text and all? In episode itself? or do you have any other social media accounts, because I find it easier. Which ever suits you. Firstly I have to send my story that I’ve written so far which you can read and tell me your opinions or if it fits for you.

Hey!!! I send you the google docs weeks ago on Instagram. Still no feedback on my story, please do reply ASAP

Wow, your idea is ambitious, and I like it. Difficult to write with non-native language, but it’s enlightening new way to learn. Maybe writing in a foreign language takes a time, you must foresee using hot English slang and apply constant expressions where it needs. If it’s a huge trouble, better use rephrase website too when you’re writing. You’re worried about you’re not at all familiar with the places, landscape, culture… I agree up to the point, but for working on your novel it’s not a problem. You can describe closed places (pub, house, café), open locations (city park, streets). Look how it does in movies, Quentin Tarantino. Emphasis does on locations (disclosed and discreetly), viewer (reader) gets long dialogs those take away all attention.

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Good idea. We can try. I have experience.