Need a Writing Partner (Can Code)

Please reply if you are genuinely serious in creating a story with me.


I’ve been wanting to make my story idea come to life for a long time now. I’m an editor so I can create all cover art and art scene aspects of the story along with dialogue, outfits and basic coding.
I need someone who can CODE! I know my way around the portal fairly well but complex choices, and choices in general aren’t my strong suit.
I need a partner who has IDEAS! We all get on a writer’s block sometimes and it would really help to have an extra brain while trying to overcome it. I’m a serious author here but I don’t wanna do it alone. Hopefully you can help :blob_hearts:



I would love too! Im not the best writer but I’m doing my best. I am doing 2 stories at the moment but I code a one chapter in a few days.:slight_smile: I have heaps of ideas and I am literally on Episode 27/4 :joy: We could work together and I could teach you some basic coding? :heartpulse: :heartbeat:

I would love to be partners, I have ideas, and i have NOTHING else to do at the moment due to corona, are you good at dialogue? Because we could work on the dialogue together, I could do the coding, you could do art and ideas- I’d help with ideas also. If you are interested get in touch via my personal messages :))) :orange_heart:

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