Need a Writing Partner! (Co-writers)

Heyy, guys, so… I know how to code very well. Ik advanced coding and all.

I had an story idea and I’d love to make it happen, but turns out that I run out of ideas very quickly lol. I wanted someone to help me plan the story and we can code, if you don’t know how to code, I can do it by myself!

The story I had in mind is a fantasy one, with 3 or 2 LI, point system, choosing the mc name and etc…

If you’re interested in helping me, pls PM me so I can give you more details about the story and you can help me plan it!


Hey I’m new to coding but I can help plan

I’m interested in helping you❤️

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I’m interested!

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Ok I just saw this. It’s a romance type story.

Ok!! It’s a romance type story. I

I am using episode community for more than 3 years and have More than enough ideas about any genre story.
I had help many of my friends for this.
If you are intrested message me on instagram : @nayshi_episode

Im interested!