Need a writing partner for advanced directing!


I am Ani Ray, I need a loyal writing partner who coan do the advanced directing for my stories. Is there anyone to help me out?

Need A Writing Paretner for my very First story!

I will be honored to help you if you want my help :grin:
Can you tell me what’s your story about?


It’s a thriller. I can send you the link tomorrow of the 6 chapters I’ve finished yet. Can you check the link and make them error-free though except Episode team nobody could find any on those 6 chapters.
Thanks a heap that you wanted to help. Let’s see what my story link says to you. :smile:

Ani Ray :cherry_blossom:


It’s okay for me !
Send me the links when you are free and then I’ll put a look on it to correct the errors. When I finished, I mail you to ask you if everything’s okay for you.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: