Need a Writing Partner for Extra Help/Ideas

Hi! I have many episode stories that I have begun, but then halfway through have become uninspired to finish. It is really saddening, especially when I have spent many hours working on those stories. I would like to try again with a new idea that I have, but I know that if I do it alone, I won’t hold myself accountable to finish it. So, I would like a writing partner; mainly someone who can give constructive feedback/criticism, who can code (doesn’t have to be too advanced, as I enjoy doing the hard stuff), and is creative and has an innovative mind.

The story that I have in mind is called The All-Knowing Lover centered around a girl who discovers in her pre-teen years that she has the ability to “hear” people’s emotions and thoughts. However, when a new student rolls into her school, she can’t seem to get into his/her head. Because of this, she becomes intrigued by him/her, and becomes obsessed with trying to figure out why she can’t read him/her. It is going to be LGBTQ+ and include many diverse characters.

If you are interested, please feel free to comment or PM me!

Hi girl!
I can help you with that.
I can help you with whatever you’d like to know and want.
I’m writing a story too myself, so I get the struggle :joy:.

Love yaaa!

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Cool! Since we’re both working on stories, I think it would be nice if we both helped each other out (:

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:wink: :wink:

i can help!

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If you have Instagram, DM me on @geordan.episode

If you have Instagram, DM me @geordan.episode

Just followed you!

ig: @Aysawrites