Need A Writing Partner For Fantasy Story

I’m looking for writing Partner for my New Story ‘Melodious’. It is about a Siren (A mythical Greek being who mesmerises sailor towards dangerous big rocks to crash them.) and a Human falling in love.

Anyone who’s interested can help. Just reply to his post.
I will also give credits to you in my story and a shout-out to your stories (if any)

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I will help!

Thanks, you can PM me the ideas on FB is possible

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Facebook? What? Sorry

I can DM you here or on Instagram. If you have one

Well, I just bought a new phone and haven’t logged in in Instagram.
I think I can DM you here


We can.

Can we talk at noon? I have to go, just wanted to make sure that I got to you first.

But I’m kinda busy at noon

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Oh…uh…what time works for you after that? I am free when ever after that.

Well, where are you currently right now?

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Cause I’m in London

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I live in the US…

Oh, haha…
Maybe we can DM tomorrow…?

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Ok…unless you wanna find a UK co-writer too

That’s better, but we can keep in touch as friends​:blush::upside_down_face:

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