Need A Writing Partner (LIMELIGHT)

i want to write a story about a young wedding planner who gets called up to plan the royal wedding of a prince but both her and the prince end up falling in love

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That is a great story idea! but do you have a story plot?

I’m still thinking of that part I don’t want it to be like a flop so I’m trying to come up with a attention catching plot

oh okay!

I was thinking of doing a story like the royal romance on choices but a different plot

how does this sound

Isabella moved to the kingdom of Raven-Falls to start her own wedding planning business having planned high profile weddings while having lunch with her friend she is approached by an official for the king & queen she is requested at the palace there she is meets the king & queen & the very gorgeous Crown Prince Alessio and his soon to be wife Mia the moment her eyes meet Alessio’s eyes the whole world stops and its only them in the room shes asked by the queen to plan Alessio & Mia’s wedding for three months time

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That was amazing, but one question… Is that the bio or you are just telling me what your story is about?

Would love to help. you can message me on instagram it is tt_episode :slightly_smiling_face:

hey i am great at character creation.

im doing a different story to this one as i dont know how to make it different from choices app story the royal romance

what do you want different

well obvs the story is about him meeting the girl of his dreams in new york hes a prince who is expected to marry and shes invited by a house of lords so to speak to compete for his hand in marriage it has to be the same storyline just a different way i guess
i dont wanna get done for copyrighting

change the names and sex of characters and put it as common creative cpy right.Gives some shouts out to the ideas

plus in their story you choose beween four different LI but in mine the prince is the only one for her

okay, though u wanted be the first person.How about change the place. Try chicago

and instead of having different girls competing for his hand he could have the girl of his dreams and a woman his parents have chosen for him

Okay,so do you want this woman to be villianess. I think you should make the woman a good and mc the evil person but with a golden heart.Since the good girl been played out too much with MC.