Need a Writing Partner that is dedicated

Hello, everyone. I am looking for someone to be a writing partner. I am writing a story and it will be easier with a writing partner. This person has to know the basics of spot directing, zones, zooms, overlays, plot development and character development. If you have published a story, I can read it so I can see where you are at. I know how to direct and develop on an advanced scale but I want someone to help along the way. If you are interested, DM me on Instagram on @mariam_writes! Thank you all for your time!


Hi there!! I’ve literally just posted a topic which is of anyone needing a writing partner, so I’ll be happy to help!

Greetings! I’d be more then happy to be the co-writer of your new story.

Hi! This sounds like a great opportunity! I have a scrap story in the making that I could send you a link to. Feel free to message me and I can give a social media of mine.

Are you guys working together? Because I would love to work with you!:smile: